Aluminum Bore-Up Silent Cylinder Head for TM Series

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With aircraft aluminum alloy construction, double O-rings and concaved air intake, our top-end cylinder head is light, impact-resistant, airtight, with smooth airflow. Coupled with compressed gas cylinder, it precisley controls air dynamics of AEGs to reduce turbulence to maximize muzzle velocity.


  • Made for Modify/Systema series Bore-Up Cylinder
  • Double O-ring design for 100% airtightness
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy construction for lightness and rigidity
  • Air intake of concave design for smooth airflow and reduced turbulence
  • Central port is smooth for maximum air output

Cylinder head function

The cylinder head is one half of the compression cycle of the cylinder set. It is used as conduit for air and controls the flow of air out of the cylinder. It allows a volume of air from the cylinder to be compressed through the nozzle, thereby propelling the BBs out of the hop up chamber.

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