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We take an engagement to do our possible to assure accessibility to our site, to prevent service interruptions and errors in data transmission. However, due to the very nature of the Internet, it is impossible to guarantee a service working 100% of the time. Your access to the site could also be temporary suspended to allow maintenance on the site, or the introduction of new services and new sections. We take an engagement to do our possible to limit to the maximum the frequency and duration of any suspension or restriction.

SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM is giving you a limited use license. The license allows you to both access and use (personnel) our website. The license does not allow you to download content or change the content, either partially or fully. The license excludes notably
-the use of this web site for resale purposes (or any commercial purposes), 
-the collect and use of lists of our products, descriptions, and prices
-any other use than personnel of this site and its contents
-any download or copying of the date for the benefit of another trader
-the use of data-mining or similar tools.

This site cannot, either fully or partially, reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited or exploited for commercial goals without our written agreement. You cannot in any case use (even if you modify it with electronic means) our logo, or any other visual element of our site (images, text, layouts) without our prior written consent. You cannot use tags or other hidden text using the names, logos or trademarks of SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM with the written consent of SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM. Any non authorized use will terminate the license granted by SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM. We are granting you a limited right (revocable and non exclusive) to create hyperlinks linking to the homepage of SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM, if this hyperlink is not describing SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM, its products and/or services in a false, misleading, smearing or insulting way. You cannot use the logo or any other graphical property of SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM as part of the hyperlink without our written consent.

It is forbidden to use our site in any way that could damage or possibly damage our site, block access to our site or provoke an interruption of service. It is forbidden to use our website for any fraudulent or criminal activity, or any activity in relation with a criminal or illegal activity. It is forbidden to use our website to use, send or recycle any content that…
-is illegal, offensive, abusive, indecent, defaming, obscene or threatening
-could harm authorÂ’s right, trademarks, confidentiality and other rights
-is injurious toward a third
-is dubious
-is containing virus, political propaganda, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass emails, spam, causing inconvenience, annoyance, or fear.

All the content of our web site, including text, graphics, logos, icons, images and software is the property of SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM or its suppliers. This content is protected by the Canadian laws concerning reproduction rights and data stocking. Any compilation of any content of this web site is the exclusive property of SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM and is protected by the Canadian, communitarian and international laws concerning reproduction rights and data stocking. All the software used on the web site is the exclusive property of SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM and is protected by the Canadian, communitarian and international laws concerning reproduction rights and data stocking. In any case, you can’t systematically extract and (re)use parts of this website without the explicit consent of SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM. Especially, you cannot use data-mining tools or utilities for reuse parts of this site without the written consent of SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM. Also, you canÂ’t create or publish a database if this database use data (like listings of prices and products) coming from SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM without our written consent.

When you make an order to purchase a product on SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM, we will send you an e-mail with our bill, confirming your order, with all the details. Your order, for us, is a document expressing your will to purchase our products. The order must be considered as accepted when we ship you your(s) product(s). Thus, the sale contract is considered concluded when the transaction is finished and you receive the bill. Accordingly, when you order with SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM, you are clearly expressing your will to sign a contract.

SURPLUSPONTROUGE.COM is not selling to minors. If you are a minor, you can only use our site with the agreement of your legal guardian.

We will communicate most of the time with our customers with e-mail. For contractual reasons, you have to accept this communication method, and have to consent to its legal value. This is not affecting your legal rights.

We are keeping the right to modify our web site, our policy, our current use and sale conditions at any time. You will be subjected to the conditions of use, sale and services in function at the time of your use of our site or when you are ordering, unless the modification of those conditions was required by a governmental authority. In this case, the new conditions will have a retroactive effect. If one of those conditions is judged invalid, void or not applicable, this condition will be considered dissociable: this condition will affect in no way the validity and applicability of the other conditions.

We will not be hold legally responsible for any delay or lack relative to our obligations if the delay or lack was due to cause beyond our reasonable grasp. This condition is not affecting your legal rights.

If you violate those conditions and you are not subjected to an action from our part, we keep the right to use our rights and legal means for any other infraction to our conditions.

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