Sidewinder Angle Head (Used)

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Compact, high performance, multi-source LED flashlight with C4®LED technology. This flashlight
has been engineered to meet a variety of hands free task illumination requirements with various
color LEDs operable at varying outputs and runtimes. The flashlight features a 185 degree tilting
head and belt or web clip to allow positioning of the illumination source at the work area.

CASE MATERIAL : High impact super tough nylon case offers exceptional durability and weather resistance. All openings are O-ring sealed.

DIMENSIONS : Length: 2.34 in. (5.94 cm) Width: 1.08 in. (2.74 cm) Depth: 4.65 in. (11.81 cm)

WEIGHT : 5.02 ounces (142 grams) with alkaline batteries. 4.38 ounces (124 grams) with lithium batteries.

LENS : Unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch resistant coating. Gasket sealed.


  • High output C4®LED, white, impervious to shock with 50,000Hr lifetime.
  • 5mm IR LED, 880 nm peak wavelength, impervious to shock with 100,000Hr lifetime.
  • 5mm Red LED, 630 nm peak wavelength, impervious to shock with 100,000Hr lifetime.
  • 5mm Blue LED, 470 nm peak wavelength, impervious to shock with 100,000Hr lifetime.

ILLUM OUTPUT High (100%) :

  • White C4®LED: 55 lumens, 1,175 candela peak beam intensity and 69m beam distance.
  • 5mm IR LED: 25mW/sr (min) radiant intensity.
  • 5mm Red LED: 1 lumen, 40 candela peak beam intensity and 13m beam distance.
  • 5mm Blue LED: 1.8 lumens, 130 candela peak beam intensity and 23m beam distance.

ON/OFF/INTENSITY MODE SELECTION : Compound On-Off mode selector switch ergonomically separates On-Off-Dimming-Strobe and LED selection functions. Design does not require the operator to access separate switching locations on the device. Rubber dome actuator and 4 position pull-to-turn locking rotary selector knob with IR LED tactile indicator (or green LED for tactical model) provides easy operation even when wearing heavy gloves.

RUN TIME (Alkaline battery, All runtime claims to 10% of initial output level) : 

LED Type Low Medium 1 Medium 2 High Strobe
White C4 LED 100+ Hours 45 Hours 11 Hours 5.5 Hours 10 Hours
5mm IR 200+ Hours 140 Hours 60 Hours 24 Hours 40 Hours
5mm Red 200+ Hours 140 Hours 60 Hours 24 Hours 40 Hours
5mm Blue 150+ Hours 100 Hours 35 Hours 16 Hours 30 Hours

BATTERY: Two (2) AA size alkaline batteries provide fast replacement with readily available batteries.
Lithium AA batteries allow extended operation in extreme temperature environments (-40F to
Tactile battery polarity indication on body allows replacement of batteries in dark environment.

RELIABILITY: Push button switch lifetime rated for 300K operations. Pull-to-turn locking rotary selector knob uses a photonic switch design which requires no mechanical connection.


  • 3 meter multiple orientation impact resistance tested.
  • IPX7 Rated design; waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes. O-ring and gasket sealed openings. Meets MIL-STD-810F, Method 512.4.
  • Pull-to-turn locking rotary selector knob prevents accidental mode changes and allows selection of 4 illumination sources. See model for specific LED configuration.
  • Tactile indicator on rotary knob for IR LED position (green LED position for Tactical model).
  • Push button switch enables/disables selected illumination source starting at low output and progressing to the highest output in 4 discrete steps (Tactical model enables selected illumination source starting at high output and progressing to the dimmest output). Double click of push button initiates high output strobe of selected illumination source.
  • Tactile battery polarity indicators for replacement of batteries in the dark.
  • Tethered battery compartment cap facilitates replacement of batteries without loss of cap.
  • Cord attachment holes in battery compartment cover capable of supporting 25lbs of load.
  • Durable Belt/Clothing clip with integral helmet mount features. Attachment screw withstands 30 inch pounds average torque without failure or stripping.
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