Ver.2 Electric Trigger Unit

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The G&G ETU 2.0 trigger set is a drop in replacement or upgrade to a G&G AEG, or other M4-V2 gearboxes. The ETU 2.0 is the same trigger set that comes standard in the Raider 2.0 and other 2.0 AEGs by G&G. It features a unique trigger set, as well as an inline mosfet.

The addition of the ETU to any AEG allows the gun to meet its full potential, with low resistance wiring and a solid microswitch trigger unit for improved response and rate of fire. The computerized mosfet allows the AEG to be programmed with a three round burst function for increased variance in fire control modes. The trigger set comes with all the parts necessary for installation, including the necessary selector plate for the trigger board.

The G&G ETU 2.0 is made for G&G V2 AEGs, it may work in other manufacturer V2 AEG, but fitment cannot be guaranteed.


  • Increases Trigger Response
  • Realistic Cycle Function
  • User Programmable Firing Modes
  • Drop In Installation
  • Increases Battery Life
  • Increases Rate Of Fire
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