Gaia Wipes

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  • The ideal outdoor hygiene wet wipe exclusively for women. Designed to maintain female hygiene, ANYWHERE.
  • UNIQUE CLOTH DESIGN – perfect sized (7.1x8.3”, 18X21cm), thick, textured cloth for the best feeling and cleansing effect.
  • POCKET SIZE and SINGLE WIPE PULL OUT – for the ultimate convenience of use.
  • SAFE FOR USE - alcohol and SLS free.
  • GENTLE FORMULA - bio-mimetic and pH balanced to protect your skin and intimate parts.
  • NO HARM DONE - earth-friendly and 100% biodegradable.


COMBAT WIPES™ GAIA are essential for ANY WOMAN experiencing the outdoors without access to a shower or fresh water who wants to maintain her hygiene, stay refreshed, and remain environmentally conscious?

Whether you wish to eliminate the dirt or sweat from your face and body, when nature calls, or if you need to keep your intimate parts clean, COMBAT WIPES™ GAIA will save the day.  If you care about keeping our planet CLEAN and free of waste, this product is for you.

We do not intend to replace a proper shower! If you have a chance to have one, or to clean yourself with fresh water, do so! COMBAT WIPES™ GAIA are vital when water is not around and you wish to cleanse yourself. Every wipe is conveniently folded on its own, designed to easily pull one out without the hassle of fighting the next one to remain inside the package!

GREAT FOR ANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY OR TRAVEL. Going to the festivals or outdoors? Is it this time of the month? Make sure to take your COMBAT WIPES™ GAIA. Just insert our neat pack into any backpack pocket and easily pull a SINGLE wipe out to freshen up.  Don’t forget to bury in soil after use and the wipe will go back to nature within 3 months!

25 wipes per pack

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