Cooling Towel

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Use this fast-acting Cooling Towel to get some relief from the heat. Designed with water-activated Cool Mesh Technology, place it on the neck to cool the skin for up to two hours. This lightweight towel is easily packable with the included storage bag. Bring it on the next mission and journey, or use it during a fitness, sports, or gym session. Continue performing even in hot weather with the GEAR AID Cooling Towel.



  • Cooling Technology – Water-activated mesh helps cool the skin for up to two hours
  • Fast-Acting – Microfiber fabric acts quickly with only a small amount of water required to work
  • Antimicrobial – Silver ion antimicrobial treatment helps prevent odors, so it stays fresh longer
  • Compact & Lightweight – A 15”x36” towel that packs down to the size of a notepad for easy storage and use anywhere 



  • Towel Size: 15"x 36"
  • Towel Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Towel Material: microfiber polyester
  • Colors: coyote
  • Bag Size: 7” x 5.5”
  • Bag Weight: 0.8 oz
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