BCM MCMR 11.5'

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VFC presents the BCM® series AEG with VFC's latest AEG system inside; making it a combo of realistic externals and high performance internals, all found in a single airsoft replica. The internal features include; Build-in Digital Firing Control System, ECS GearBox, MAPLE LEAF Competitive Grade Inner Precise barrel, Gen II Hop-up Chamber, and MAPLE LEAF Competition Grade HOP-UP Rubber.



  • Programmable 3-round Burst Mode : Set selection lever in SEMI mode, pull and HOLD the trigger for few seconds, the twice "BEEP" sound will be heard, than in 2nd mode(SAFE - SEMI - BURST). Pull and HOLD the trigger for few seconds again, the triple "BEEP" sound will be heard, than in 3rd mode(SAFE - BURST - AUTO). If you repeat again, system return to default start mode(SAFE - SEMI -AUTO).
  • Piston Pre-pull by SEMI Mode : Pull the trigger several times in SEMI mode so that piston position will be pre-pull, and improve the precision of shooting.
  • Piston Reset by AUTO Mode : Before you remove the battery from your AEG, please pull the trigger several times in AUTO mode so that piston position could be reset.
  • Automatic Detection of the Voltage : The "BEEP" sound will have different modes depending on the battery voltage, triple sound for 11.1V, twice sound for 7.4V.
  • Low Voltage Alarm : When the battery is about to run out, the triple "BEEP" sound will be heard for alarm.



  • Overall : 716/790mm
  • Inner Barrel : 275mm
  • Weight(With Mag) : 2158g
  • Bullet : 6 mm
  • Capacity : 120 Rds Magazine
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